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The return of games night

Discussion in 'Online' started by Deep Blue, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking to resurrect games nights, I'm thinking that we could start with a monthly event. Happy to run gameservers as well as some sort of stats plugins for supporting games (thinking TF2, CSGO).

    I'll leave a few suggestions here but I will leave this thread open for game nominations, the bigger the better! :)

    • TF2 (Modes include MvM and Prophunt)
    • CSGO
    • Spot of Minecraft perhaps?
    • ?
    • ?
  2. themast

    themast Self Proclaimed God

    when was this going to start?
  3. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    Hey Mast!

    That's a great question, I was looking to get something going this month but wanted to give people time to put in their two cents worth first. What are your thoughts?

    Could always just mosey on over to Discord and see where the night takes us?
  4. Amesy

    Amesy Active Member

    Sorry Deepeh, I completely missed this. I'm still very much game for this. Thursday Nights are still best for me, although with Baby Ames, that is subject to change. I am extremely open to a bit of prop hunt.

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