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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Discussion in 'BreachLAN 46' started by mintR, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. mintR

    mintR I Stream Things Staff Member BreachLAN Sponsor

    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for helping to make this LAN a great success, the atmosphere was amazing and special thanks to everyone who helped set-up and pack down. There was no way we were going to manage it alone <3.

    As you know, the only way we can improve our service is via feedback from you guys, we need to know what worked, what didn't and what you enjoyed the most.

    The Good:
    Some Insane AWP kill streaks
    Loads of games played - Scheduled Games List
    The Quiz!
    Meeting Tubbs for the first time IRL.
    Jackbox FUNZ

    The Bad:
    Getting destroyed in Overwatch - Thanks Coob

    The Ugly:
    Nothing to report :)
  2. DictaTyr

    DictaTyr Active Member

    The good:
    Apparently I'm getting better at all the games we play, bit by bit :p
    Getting to meet a bunch of new people for the first time
    Kicking mintRs ass at yugioh ;)
    1st equal with Dexxy in poker felt great!

    The Bad:
    Had to sleep in the car on the sat/sun night as couldn't sleep well in the main hall, that said my car is great for sleeping in!

    The Ugly:
    Tubbs ;)
  3. Amesy

    Amesy Active Member

    The Good:
    Amazing atmosphere.
    Great Games list
    Rockband epicness (especially GBot's singing)
    The Quiz
    Food Delivery
    Leisure Center Shower
    Jukebox requests

    The Bad:
    The snoring
    The dry Ice machine (I had Tonsilitis, so that didn't help)
    The spider in my bag
    Dominos gut.
    Castiana getting in and out of bed (visually and audibly disturbing)
    The snoring

    The Ugly:
    No socket wrench.
    Nothing else of note.

    Thanks all for another epic BreachLAN. Love you guys.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
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  4. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    The Good:
    Meeting new folk, seeing old friends too :)
    Rock Band
    Great atmosphere
    The quiz was great fun
    Domino's Delivery
    Loads of great Jukebox tunes
    Food from Roy's Bus
    Good selection of games

    The Bad:
    Dominos gut
    Ran out of beer
    Packing Up :(

    The Ugly:
    Poor toileting skills exhibited by others

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