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So what do you guys want to see at the next event?

Discussion in 'BreachLAN 33' started by Deep Blue, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    Just thinking about how quickly these events always tend to creep up, I'd like to add my two cents and suggest at least another big game of Chivalry :) (Sorry!)

    Suggestions, game nominations and tournaments suggestions welcome.
  2. DictaTyr

    DictaTyr Active Member

    Big games and a LAN wide competition of some description, but not just 2 teams, maybe 3 or 4, with team captains. Would help introduce new members to the LAN as the captains will want to know what games the newbies are good at and so on (may be best saved for a future LAN though).

    If it's a LAN wide competition then there should be a good variety of games (RTS, CCG, FPS etc), perhaps on some lesser known/played games to really test people's skill and somewhat even the playing field.

    Sneaky Edit: I can bring some board games as well if that interests people, and there's tabletop simulator on top of that that we can play a few games on.
  3. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    Multiple teams, I like that suggestion as that in itself works well with most games.

    Obscure games, oh we've got a decent list of those :)
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  4. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

  5. grogers126

    grogers126 Sniper

    Hey peeps with breachlan 33 just around the corner we would like your input into what you would like to see at our wonderful event
  6. DictaTyr

    DictaTyr Active Member

    Well, I mean, I'd LIKE to see Katy Perry there, but I think that's a little overbudget. On a serious note though, along with what I've already posted about having a multiple team event, I'd love to see something like the staff versus the rest or something, maybe a couple of grudge matches from games that have been played :p
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  7. trkevig

    trkevig Well-Known Member

    strippers and pole dancers ??? No??? :(
    How about some big screen movies from the real PK's private stash ;) No?????

    Oh well.... guess ill just need to be the canon fodder again for you guys lol

    usual games please - dunno about the others but i really like the ut2k4 mod you do about stopping the beer factories or something lol
    Grand Theft Auto V is a MUST for those who have it....
    F1 2012/13/14 maybe Dirt 3?
    Some COD (or similar game from the Genre)
    Team Fortress2
    Payday 2
    Alien Isolation via VR headset
    Golden eye because that was fun last time
    Anyone got Gauntlet?

    castis servers ;)

    how far away is the nearest strip club ;) lol
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  8. Bloodnok

    Bloodnok Well-Known Member

    I got Gauntlet II on the NES...
  9. grogers126

    grogers126 Sniper

    some good input guys thank you. pizza will be on saturday night as usuall so there is no reason we cant all get around the same space and slap a movie on while were all enjoying the goodness of a dominoes pizza. i shall speak to the rest of the staff and see what we can do
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