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Rainbow Six: Siege - UP TO 50% OFF THIS WEEKEND

Discussion in 'BreachLAN 46' started by gemini, May 19, 2018.

  1. gemini

    gemini The Crude One Staff Member


    At the past few BreachLAN events we've been playing this game and having a blast with it.

    It's a multiplayer only realistic shooter where you get to use loads of high tech gadgets alongside really sweet guns to take down the other team, plant or defuse bombs, rescue hostages and just old school securing territory.

    There are a few different versions. The Starter Edition is there for 33% off (£8.03) . It's a good buy at that price but it's very limited in your in game progression to getting new characters (You need to earn many more points to unlock characters than other players). But if you want to join the fun but aren't normally into this kind of game then this is a fine way to join the action with us.

    I suggest the standard edition at 50% off (£17.49 for this weekend only). It's a great game at this price and highly recommended.


    Heads up too - If you're a new player, you NEED to complete the tutorials before you can play multiplayer with others. This can take a little while so get that done before LAN.
  2. gemini

    gemini The Crude One Staff Member

    If you want to try before you buy - That's fine too - THE GAME IS FREE THIS WEEKEND.

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