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Mystery Box!

Discussion in 'Airsoft' started by Knottyboy, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Knottyboy

    Knottyboy Well-Known Member

    It arrived today!

    To start off with, I was pretty disappointed to find it wasn't sent in a big cardboard box with question marks on it.

    So, included in the box:
    8000 beebs
    A speedloader
    Crappy face mask
    2 practice targets
    Colt 'Delta Elite' springer pistol
    Sig 552-1 Commando AEG
    H&K G-36 springer
    M4 AEG

    Overall, not very impressed, especially since everything is 2 toned. I was hoping for more pistols, or at least a gas powered one. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, resist the call of the mystery box!


    Potato quality picture.

    Although I love some of the text on the G-36, definitely made in China
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  2. grogers126

    grogers126 Sniper

  3. sirflukesalot

    sirflukesalot SEND IN MORE CONSCRIPTS! BreachLAN Sponsor

  4. Olleran

    Olleran Active Member

    "Infinite pleasure"

    Well I guess it depends where you decide to stick it :p
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