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CS:GO Community Frag Movie

Discussion in 'Online' started by mintR, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. mintR

    mintR I Stream Things Staff Member BreachLAN Sponsor

    Hey Guys and Gals of the Community

    I am putting together a BreachLAN community frag movie

    Here is some of my previous work -


    If you are interested to be apart of the project, get me some sick frags of you owning.

    I would highly recommend using Nvidia's shadowplay (If you have the ability) or there are other free programs out there such as fraps that can get the footage.

    I am looking for atleast 720p quality, anything less won't be used.
    Decent frags, clutches

    When you have your footage, upload it to your you-tube channel (Privately) and then send me the URL to view/download the footage to then edit together.

    Any questions please just drop me a message

    Email video URL's / Questions to mintr_esports@hotmail.co.uk


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  2. mintR

    mintR I Stream Things Staff Member BreachLAN Sponsor

    Not enough interest shown and 0 clips sent in :(

    Pulling this idea for now.
  3. ZeroG

    ZeroG Well-Known Member BreachLAN Sponsor

    I have some videos I can go through but they probably aren't that great tbh.

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