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Discussion in 'BreachLAN 3' started by imported_prism, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. Hey all,

    Sometime on saturday, probaly around 10-11am, i'll be making a coffee run to Costa if theres enough intrest.

    If you want me to get you some Coffee/Frescatos can you list what you want in this thread. I'll Post a price for what you are wanting, if you have it in cash i'll get it before i leave on saturday morning.



    Americano - Standered Coffee
    Cappachino(sp) - 1/3 Coffee 1/3 Hot Milk 1/3 Foam - A nice hot drink, probaly one of the most popurlar.
    Latte - Hot milk with coffee - A milky coffee
    Mocha - Hot Chocolate with coffee
    Mocha Flake - As above, only with flakes in there to


    Earl Gray

    Cold Drinks:

    Frescatos - A blending ice drink, kinda like a slush puppy
    Vanilla, Summer Berries, Lemon, Mango, Espresso Coffee, Raspberry, Double Chocolate, Mocha and Caramel.

    You can have Flakes, an extra shot or a shot of syrup in any of the above drinks.



    Hopefully there will be enough intrest in this idea!

    (Sorry about the dodgy spelling :))
  2. PseudoPhreak

    PseudoPhreak Captain Hammer!!

    im up for a summer berries frascato, love them!!!

    we getting discount?
  3. if i get enough people wanting, probaly some.
  4. Pinje

    Pinje New Member

    catos - A blending ice drink, kinda like a slush puppy YES PLEASE :roll: :mrgreen:
  5. Cheesewheel

    Cheesewheel Member

    i'll drive if there is enough interest
  6. Sam_Chan

    Sam_Chan New Member

    you have at lest one person interested

    <3 peppermint tea ^_^
  7. sam, can you write it up on the whiteboard please? Cause not everyone checks the forums.
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