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BreachLAN Members Only Killing Floor 2 Servers

Discussion in 'Online' started by Castiana, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. Castiana

    Castiana Soon™

    We have some shinie new private/passworded Killing Floor 2 servers for you! One 7 wave's normal, one 10 wave's hard. To connect to them, follow this handy guide!

    Once your in-game, push the ' or ` key's to open the console.


    You'll get a black box that takes up around 70% of your screen appearing.


    In that, type the connect command for the server you want to join!

    Normal 7 Wave Server: open sorth.breachlan.co.uk:8477?password=letmeindamit
    Hard 10 Wave Server: open sorth.breachlan.co.uk:8577?password=letmeindamit

    Once you've typed (or copy/pasted) that in and hit enter you should swap to the loading screen:


    This can take a bit of time depending on your system. Once your loaded in, you should appear at the lobby!


    Anyone you want to play with will connect the same way you did, using the open command.

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