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BreachLAN 33 - Official games nomination thread

Discussion in 'BreachLAN 33' started by Deep Blue, Apr 12, 2015.

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  1. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    Hi Guys,

    With a couple of weeks remaining until the kick off of our spring event, it's time to get the games nominations rolling in.

    Voting will close Midnight Friday (17th of April)

    Firstly the rules
    • Anyone can nominate a game although it would be more meaningful for those attending to nominate naturally as you'll not be able to play the games otherwise (duh!).
    • Multiple nominations can be made
    • In order for a game to be considered it must receive at least a "second"
    • The BreachLAN staff will select from the list of nominated games taking in to account qualifying factors such as LAN support and cost. The games list will be created using a combination of nominated games plus some "old favorites"
    • There will be a second chance to vote on what's happening next during the event by using a show of hands :)
    I'll get started.

    NOMINATE: Team Fortress 2
    NOMINATE: Chivalry
    NOMINATE: Altitude
    NOMINATE: UT2004
    NOMINATE: Killing Floor
    NOMINATE: FlatOut 2
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2015
  2. Knottyboy

    Knottyboy Well-Known Member

    SECOND: Team Fortress 2
    SECOND: UT2004
    SECOND: Killing Floor
    SECOND: FlatOut 2
    NOMINATE: GTA V (if LAN play is possible? GTA IV was great fun)
    NOMINATE: Heroes of the Storm
    NOMINATE: Dirt 3 No GFWL Edition
  3. themast

    themast Self Proclaimed God

    TF2 for sure. GTA5 would be amazing failing that GTA4. was also loads of fun last time.
  4. Castiana

    Castiana Soon™

    SECOND: Dirt 3 No GFWL Edition
    NOMINATE: GTA4 (Backup)
  5. DictaTyr

    DictaTyr Active Member

    Nominate: Hearthstone
    Second: Heroes of the Storm
    Third: CS:GO
    Third: COD4
  6. Mr Boulton

    Mr Boulton New Member

    Forth: CS:GO
    Nominate: COD:AW
    Nominate: Age Of Empires II
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2015
  7. mintR

    mintR I Stream Things Staff Member BreachLAN Sponsor

    5TH: CS:GO
    3rd: HearthStone
    2nd: GTA V (If Possible)
    2nd: TF2
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2015
  8. matty2168

    matty2168 Member

    6TH: CS:GO
    2ND: Flatout 2
    2ND: CoD:AW
    2ND: Age of empires 2
    Nominate: F1 2012
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2015
  9. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    Please third or fourth nominations, it'll make it easier for me to count!

    Cheers guys!!
  10. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    NOMINATE: Killing Floor 2
  11. Bloodnok

    Bloodnok Well-Known Member

    2nd: Killing Floor 2
    2nd: GTA V
    3rd: Dirt 3 No GFWL Edition
    3rd: Flatout 2
    4th: TF2
    NOMINATE: The Next Car: Wreckfest
  12. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue The BOFH Staff Member

    Thread locked, please stand by whilst the games list is created :)
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