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Ashvale Order For LAN

Discussion in 'BreachLAN 33' started by grogers126, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. grogers126

    grogers126 Sniper


    Jumbo Haddock £7.70

    Standard Haddock £6.80

    Smoked Sausage £4.80

    Cheese Double Quarter Pounder £6.70

    Battered Scampi £7.60

    Mince Pie £4.80

    King Rib Daddy £5.90

    White Pudding £4.70

    Jumbo Sausage £4.60

    Chip portions £2.00 / £2.95 / £3.45

    When selecting your food for the event please choose from the above menu. Price Stated is for a SUPPER

    If you have any questions regarding this order please speak to Dod
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  2. grogers126

    grogers126 Sniper

    The ashvale order is back peeps so make sure you place your order before the event.
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  3. themast

    themast Self Proclaimed God

    back to the pishvale?
  4. trkevig

    trkevig Well-Known Member

    Single haggis?
  5. grogers126

    grogers126 Sniper

    the order forms are now closed if you need anything can you please PM me


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