The next event is:
Event Name: BreachLAN #52
Event Location: Logie Durno Village Hall
Event Start: 14-02-2020 at 16:00
Event End: 17-02-2020 at 16:00
Event Capacity: 48 spaces
Event Space: 44 remaining
Event Length: 72 Hours

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FAQ/What to bring
What to take to a BreachLAN

  • A PC with 100/1000 network card fitted and installed.
  • Headphones set (speakers are forbidden)
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Monitor
  • All Power leads required to run your system including a 4-way trailing socket.
  • All Games required to play at event.
  • Any system disks in the event of a PC crash - optional, but advisable.
  • Laptop Cooler as heat from you laptop may cause damage to the tables.

Other essentials that you may require

  • Food and Drink?
  • Money - Purchase of Dominoes Pizza and sometimes raffle tickets.
  • Sleeping bag. (Double airbeds only to be used if two people are sharing due to restricted sleeping space)
  • Deodorant (can get rather smelly after 72 hours), change of clothes?
  • Mouse Mat (the tables we use are not the best for optical mice)

Please mark all your hardware with your identity as proof of ownership. Entrance and exit to the event shall be through only one door. There is no smoking in the event hall. All players are responsible for all litter they occur, please use bins provided.